EZ-Gang Forming System

Straight Wall Gang Forms & Custom Applications

EZ-GANG Forming System is our #1 rated system delivered to your job ready for field assembly. EZ-GANG has incredible strength-to-weight efficiency, offering maximum tie-spacing and minimum crane weight. This is crucial for projects with limited lift capacity. The forming system is constructed in a controlled environment; every panel is measured and built to consistent specifications. This stalwart system delivers in a wide range of heights and widths with your choice of plywood. Its unique, full-moment plate waler design offers modularity that other systems can’t match.  

  • Seamless integration with other forming systems; compatible with clamp and wedge-bolt modular systems
  • Engineered for simple and complex shapes, including haunches, corbels, Y-walls, and more
  • Provides up to 45 percent less wall ties than European clamp systems, thereby minimizing wall tie patching labor costs
  • Highly accurate dimension control, with design loads from 1000 PSF to 2400 PSF
  • Greater weight-to-strength ratio than other forming systems. Total system is approximately 15 PSF
  • Built-in lifting lugs that remain permanent in the panel
  • Project-specific design and construction using the highest quality materials. This includes choice of plywood: MDO, HDO, or Birch to provide an unsurpassed class “A” finish
  • Forming systems arrive “ready to use,” saving initial build-up costs

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