JS MegaMax Shoring System

A Family of High-Capacity Shoring Systems, 20 Kip+

JS MegaMax is a family of aluminum prop shoring systems offering unparalleled load capacities for challenging shoring conditions. These systems are easily set on grade level, and are positioned with cranes, hoists, or other motorized equipment for safety and maximum efficiency. JS MegaMax is most effective on higher and heavier site conditions because it offers a range of systems to match the field conditions.

  • Systems employ high strength, low weight aluminum props and ledger frames for stability
  • Easy to erect and dismantle, self-bracing, and self-squaring
  • Can be assembled into movable table configurations
  • Interchangeable with conventional stringer/joist and HV DropGrid
    Safety Advantage: The entire height of a JS MegaMax shoring tower can be assembled horizontal and then flown into place and set vertically.

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