JS Handset & Column Form Panels

Modular Handset Panels, Square & Rectangular Column

JS Handset’s lightweight panels and modular design make it the most economical, versatile, and efficient way to form concrete for your construction projects.

  • Form, tie, and hardware capacities provide an optimal strength-to-weight ratio for a 1,000 PSF forming system
  • Fast and easy set-up saves time and money
  • The flexible design of the JS Handset makes it the go-to choice for handset or gang form applications on projects of nearly every shape or size

The Column Form Panel is the heavy-duty version of the JS Handset System. Designed for square and rectangular column forming, this strong steel frame panel is built to last and withstand the elements of any commercial forming project.

  • Versatile column form panels range up to a 42” width
  • Load-rated 2,000 PSF (up to 24” x 24”) means superior strength for faster pours
  • Adaptable heights and column dimensions are easy to adjust with a multitude of panel heights and widths available
  • Durable 6” horizontal ribs and premium birch facing make the JS Column Form as strong as European clamping systems without the bulk and heavy handling weight
  • Can be handset or crane set on any column application; provides maximum efficiency

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