HV DropGrid

High-Efficiency Shoring System

The HV DropGrid is a highly efficient drophead style shoring system for flat-plate production work and adaptable for any concrete floor decking project. The easy-to-use grid has the lowest piece-count shoring system on the market, with only three main components: drophead with prop, main beam, and the secondary beam. 

  • System moves quickly with rolling carts for drophead props, main beams, and secondary beams
  • Provides early stripping of main beams (stringers) and secondary beams (joists) with a unique drophead prop design
  • Grids to a standard 6’ x 6’ spacing for efficient and repetitive use
  • Perfect for jobs for 14” slab thickness
  • Efficiency Advantage: This system uses only 1 size main beam (stringer) and 1 size secondary beam (joist) compared to traditional shoring systems that require many different lengths of stringer and many different lengths of joist.

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