JS Max Aluminum Shoring

Lightweight & Durable, Up to 15 Kips Per Leg

The JS Max Aluminum Shoring is a lightweight yet highly durable aluminum shoring frame designed to improve the quality and speed of concrete construction, ease formwork set-up and removal, and reduce labor costs. All components are compatible with EZ-SHORE; the two systems can work seamlessly together. JS Max is the ONLY aluminum leg, steel frame shoring panel on the market. Aluminum offers high strength-to-weight ratio; steel brings durability in lateral bracing conditions.

  • 6’ wide frame and high-capacity legs provide wide-drive lanes between towers for accessibility
  • Frame heights: 4’, 6’ and 8’
  • 33% less legs than traditional 10 kip shoring
  • One frame has supporting height up to 13’; four frames for over 35’ capability
  • Towers brace, erect, and strip conventionally with recognized familiarity

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