EZ-RADIUS Forming System

True Curvature in Concrete & Custom Applications

EZ-RADIUS is a first-in-class pre-assembled gang form for radial formwork conditions delivering the best curvature and form finish in the industry. This fully adjustable steel waler and aluminum beam system conforms to a true arc. This improves the finish and eliminates the usual “chording” where most other systems struggle. Our radius system arrives at the job site in full height and ready for placement with NO moving parts, loose hardware, or costly field adjustments. In the field, EZ-RADIUS can adjust to more than 100’ in diameter WITHOUT the use of a costly field-table; just use our provided curvature jig to field adjust with a socket wrench.

  • Seamless integration with other forming systems; compatible with clamp and wedge-bolt modular systems, as well as plywood/lumber forming systems
  • Project-specific design using your choice of MDO, HDO, or Birch plywood. We can design this system to achieve “Class A” finishes with ease
  • Panels are designed with aluminum beams and steel girder walers and adjust to any desired radius from 12’ to 75’ and can be built to heights of more than over 30’ vertical
  • Curve radius can be adjusted in the field via an integrated adjustment screw assembly
  • Plywood-facing forms allow rebar to protrude through the form so that any penetration issues can be easily addressed and resolved
  • System weight is approximately 15 lbs. PSF, including catwalks and pipe brace assemblies

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