Core & Shear Wall Forming Systems

EZ-LIFT & ROLL is a complete platform system for use when formwork support, safety, and complete infrastructure are required for tall cores, stairwells, and shear wall structures. The exterior formwork, which is supported by the EZ-LIFT & ROLL system, allows the formwork to roll back, up to 30″ for rebar installation, embed attachments, and other structure requirements. The inside formwork is supported with the Core-Lift Platform, utilizing Jobsite’s unique flipper arm that resides inside a small pocket of the interior wall. This flipper releases and moves under itself during the vertical cycle and resets itself by gravity, “flipping” into the new pocket for the next cycle. 

  • Exterior formwork can roll back up to 30″
  • Supports both EZ-GANG and EZ-CLAMP 1500 formwork systems
  • Economical anchoring systems
  • The Main Level 0, Pour Level +1, and Trailing Level -1 , all can be pre-assembled, saving on field installation labor and final field assembly

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